Q) A new church is being built in my area. They need a fire alarm bid, and I have the plans for the building. How can Archway Systems help?

A) We’ll research the codes for your area and design the system based on those requirements. We will then modify your plans to include a color-coded schematic of the fire alarm system.

Q) How will I know what equipment to bid?

A) Included in the design fee is a legend with icons printed on EACH page of the plans that include the part, quantity, and placement of all necessary products.

Q) What happens if a Professional Engineer (PE) stamp is required?

A) There are three possibilities regarding stamps; no stamp, a NICET or PE stamp. No stamp required, GREAT! If a NICET or PE stamp is required, Archway Systems can provide them for all 50 states for an additional fee.

Q) How do I end with a final bid $$ figure?

A) Generally speaking, the dealer will take our equipment list, cross reverence it with his/her supplier pricing, then add your equipment markup and/or labor for a total bid price.

Q) How do we exchange plans and modifications and such?

A) The vast majority of all transactions are handled electronically.

Q) How do I know what my fees will be?

A) E-mail us your plans, we will provide you with an estimate in writing on what your total cost will be.